Things to Do When Hosting a Lawn Party in Winter

There are a lot of reasons why you should host a lawn party during winter, from delicious food, crackling fires, and winter games. There are a lot of things that you can do that are only ideal whenever there’s a frost in the air or snow on the ground as long as you can keep your guests warm and happy.

You shouldn’t let the chilly weather keep you inside your home. Today, we’re going to share with you tips on how to host a winter party on your Fort Wayne Landscaping.

Natural Decorations

For a winter party, it’s best to allow the inspiration of nature rule as your lawn décor.

  • Planting – Vegetation such as winter-blooming flowers, evergreen trees, and hardy shrubs look great all year round. Aside from that, artificial grass produces a mud-free and level surface during the winter where your visitors do not have to stand in muddy and wet grass and truck it inside your home. Think about incorporating a couple of these features to your lawn.
  • Pavers or Decorative Rock – To improve the look of your lawn all year round, a low maintenance landscaping feature can help. You can choose decorative rock or pavers for outdoor living spaces, walkways, or flowerbeds.


Have you moved your outdoor furniture inside your home already? Well, today, you can design your lawn differently. You can use a couple of cushions for comfort and warmth if you’ve got built-in seats incorporated into your retaining walls or patio. Else, you can try placing in a couple of bales of straw and use a blanket to cover them. When draped with a tablecloth, a picnic table can also be an ideal addition. You can help produce a warm atmosphere by decorating the table with pinecones or candles.


Keep in mind that in the middle of winter, it gets dark quickly. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you have lighting prepared whenever the sun goes down. Walkway lighting offers efficient and easy lighting. This includes low-voltage lights or solar-powered lights. This will help guide your guests easily through the backyard or the front door.

Aside from that, utilizing lighting effects can help you to showcase the elements of your lawn that you want guests to see. You can astonish your neighbors and friends with your elegantly landscaped lawn with pathway lighting or shadowing methods.

Fire Feature

The temperature drops whenever the sun sets during winter. If you’re hosting an outdoor winter party, it’s important to have outdoor heating. This will help keep you and your guests warm. You can create a warm ambiance for your area by adding an outdoor fireplace or a huge patio heater.

Prepare a lot of firewood and get a steady fire going if you have an outdoor fireplace. Aside from providing warmth, an outdoor fireplace can also be used to cook your food if you’ve got a grill. You can have a barbecue party. In addition to that, you should also prepare marshmallows and hot cocoa for you and your guests.